Diputació de Barcelona

Diputació de Barcelona is a local government institution that promotes the progress and well-being of the citizens of its territorial area: the Catalan region of Barcelona, 311 municipalities in a network, which represents 24% of the total area of Catalonia and 74 ,4% of the total Catalan population (more than five and a half million people). It acts directly by providing services and, above all, in cooperation with the city councils.

🎯 S-marketing strategy

Our Smarketing strategy aims to boost: income, profit, earnings and market capitalisation. To do so, it’s key to build trust and strengthen relationships with clients, so they feel inspired by your company.

🎯 Employer branding audiovisual strategy

In the years we’ve been coming up with audiovisual strategies for companies of all types, we’ve seen that in terms of people it’s important to be strong in 3 areas: attracting talent, retaining talent and internal communication.

The White Paper

The White Paper is a route map with a series of strategies and tactics for you to implement internally.


Brandfluencers is the Ganxoo Media consultancy plan. It consists of six 90-minute sessions.

About us

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