Filmin is a technology and media services provider headquartered in Barcelona (Catalonia) and founded in 2006. The company’s primary business is its subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television series, mostly auteur and independent film, but also some commercial film titles. As of April 2020, Filmin had over 800.000 paid subscriptions worldwide and a catalog of more than 10.000 titles.


Alqvimia is a Catalan company founded in 1980 with the premise of creating 100% natural cosmetics out of the utmost respect for nature and beauty. The company contributes to the movement of a new world paradigm with an emphasis on fairer business practices, both socially and ecologically. Its brand values are about transforming customers into conscious consumers and global trade into opportunities for local suppliers.


Tous is a Catalan jewelry, accessories and fashion retailer which was founded by Salvador Tous Blavi and Teresa Ponsa Mas in 1920. It is based in Manresa (Catalonia) and has over 20.000 employees.

FIATC Seguros

FIATC (Federaci√≥ Industrial d’Autotransports de Catalunya)¬†is a Catalan company founded in 1930. It currently has more than 800.000 mutual members. Headquartered in Barcelona (Catalonia), FIATC offer insurance in all the existing areas for the private and professional life of people.

Fun*das Bcn

Fun * das Bcn is the first brand that introduces textile fashion into childcare. The company send their products all over the world. Moreover, they’re present in the best child stores in Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and continues to consolidate in the European market.

FCI Coatings

FCI Coatings is a national referent on the cylinders’ coatings made of natural and synthetic rubber in any size or hardness, with the widest range of products in the market and covering all the needs. The company keep a high technological and research level and uses a respectful technology with environment and people.


Rueber is a Catalan company founded in 1982 on the initiative of its president, Josep Maria Codina, after conducting exhaustive research. Since then, Rueber has grown to become a leading company in hair solutions both nationally and internationally.

Cheer App Life

Cheer App Life is an app created in 2018 owned by the Catalan Start-up Port Bo Dreams S.L. With Cheer App life you can easily create congratulations and encouragement videos for someone special with the participation of friends and family.  This app is aimed at the Anglo-Saxon and Spanish-speaking market in Europe and America.


Oncolliga (Fundaci√≥ Privada Lliga Catalana d’Ajuda Oncol√≤gica) is a Catalan non-profit organization whose main purpose is to psychosocial to people with cancer and their families. Oncolliga aims to provide psycho-social care to the person diagnosed with an oncological disease and their family throughout the disease process, while carrying out dissemination, prevention and rehabilitation activities.