W├╝rth Modyf

The W├╝rth Group is a worldwide wholesaler founded in 1945 in K├╝nzelsau (Germany). Since then, the company has become the world’s leading retail group. Today the W├╝rth Group operates worldwide and the German newspaper Die Welt listed it as 91 on its list of top 500 companies.

Arvato Bertelsmann

Arvato is a global services company headquartered in G├╝tersloh (Germany). The history of Arvato goes back to the printing and industry services division of Bertelsmann. Today, Arvato is one of eight divisions of Bertelsmann, the media, services and education group. Its services include customer support, information technology, logistics, and finance.

ERGO Group

ERGO Group is one of the largest insurance groups in Europe, 100% owned by Munich Re AG, the global leader in reinsurance. It operates in over 30 countries, especially in Europe and Asia. In Europe, ERGO claims to be number 1 in the health and legal expenses insurance segments, and in its home market of Germany it is among the market leaders. It has over 40.000 full-time employees.

TTA Personal GmbH

TTA Personal GmbH is a German Human Resources consultancy based in Berlin and M├╝nich. The company is a leader in the employability of Spanish professionals throughout the German territory.