Grupo Planeta

Grupo Planeta is a Spanish media group based in Madrid. The company operates in Spain, Portugal, France, Catalonia and Latin America. Planeta owns over 70 publishing houses worldwide. Besides publishing, the group operates in the areas of collectibles, training, direct marketing, distance learning, and audiovisual media. With its purchase of Editis in 2009, it became one of the largest publishers in the world.

Sita Murt

Sita Murt is a Catalan international fashion company based in Igualada (Barcelona). Its collections are sold to more than 40 countries on 4 different continents.


Nominalia Internet is a Catalan company based in Barcelona that is part of Register Group, an international leader in digital services for professionals and SMBs.

Adamo Telecom

Adamo Telecom Iberia is a Swedish origin telecommunications operator that has been operating in Spain since 2007. With their own Fiber Optic infrastructure the company can provide High Speed Internet access and other telecommunications services to businesses and home users, always with high quality and capacity and at very competitive prices.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. The company has locations in the United States and in 83 other countries. It has its restaurants in 5.701 cities (2.900 international and 2.800 in the U.S.). As of the first quarter of 2018, Domino’s had approximately 15.000 restaurants worldwide.

Condis Supermercats

Condis Supermercats S.A. is one of the main supermarket chains in Catalonia. Founded in 1961, the company has 568 supermarkets in this country, 56 in Madrid (Spain) and 13 in Andorra.


Areas is one of the world leaders in Food & beverage and Travel Retail. The company receives 340 million customers every year in its 2.100 restaurants and points of sale in 13 countries in Europe, USA, Mexico and Chile. Areas is present in large and small communication centers around the world (airports, train stations, toll roads service areas), as well as in key points of fairgrounds and leisure centers.


Spontex is a company founded in 1932 in Beauvais (France), specializing in the manufacture of cellulose products. This enterprise was the first to commercialize vegetable sponges.

Briolf Group

Briolf is a family-held corporate group with a history in the chemical sector stretching back more than 50 years that operates in more than 120 countries.