Alife (presentation)

Built as a social media platform, Alife allows you to meaningfully connect with family and friends by sharing the memories of someone you’ve lost.

Cheer App Life (how it works)

With Cheer App life you can easily create congratulations and encouragement videos for someone special with the participation of friends and family. It’s quick fun and magic.

Alqvimia (manifesto)

Alqvimia is a Catalan company founded in 1980 with the premise of creating 100% natural cosmetics out of the utmost respect for nature and beauty. The company contributes to the movement of a new world paradigm with an emphasis on fairer business practices, both socially and ecologically.

El origen de las cosas

Sample of our audiovisual strategy for “The Craft Academy”, which includes: content video marketing capsules, interview series for social media, Branded Content audiovisual formats, “how it works” video tutorials, etc.

Smoothie with Princess

Sample of the audiovisual content marketing strategy we produced with the aim of showing easy and healthy recipes that can be made with Princess blenders.