Nubelo was a Catalan-Argentine Start-up founded in 2012 in Barcelona (Catalonia). Nubelo grew fast to become the largest freelance work platform in the Spanish-speaking market. Four years after its founding, Nubelo was bought by the Australian portal “Freelancer”, the world’s largest freelance online job platform, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the acronym ASX: FLN.

At the top you can watch a sample of the audiovisual strategy we created for Nubelo before “Freelancer” bought it. We started working with this Catalan Start-up shortly after its creation and our business relationship lasted until the Australian company absorbed the brand. Our audiovisual strategy aimed to enhance Nubelo’s brand value through on go communication with its audience. It consisted of different audiovisual formats and advocacy tactics, audiovisual employer branding videos, Brand Movies, audiovisual content marketing strategies, etc.

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