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Bons Focs

Bons Focs is a small company in Barcelona (Catalonia) focused on making bread with sourdough according to the traditional method, just as our grandparents did.


Nubelo was a Catalan-Argentine Start-up founded in 2012 in Barcelona (Catalonia). Nubelo grew fast to become the largest freelance work platform in the Spanish-speaking market. Four years after its founding, Nubelo was bought by the Australian portal “Freelancer”, the world’s largest freelance online job platform, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the acronym ASX: FLN.

Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA)

The Catalan Water Agency (Agència Catalana de l’Aigua -ACA-) is the public company of the Generalitat de Catalunya (government of Catalonia) that is responsible for water planning and management in accordance with the basic principles of the Water Framework Directive. ACA promotes its action plan to guarantee, now and in the future, the supply, availability of water and its quality at source (groundwater and surface water).

Institut Català d’Energia (Generalitat de Catalunya)

L’Institut Català d’Energia (The Catalan Energy Institute) is the entity of the Generalitat de Catalunya (government of Catalonia) in charge of elaborating and carrying out the Catalan energy policy, especially about the improvement of the saving and the energetic efficiency and the development of the renewable energies.

Gobierno de Chile

The government of Chile (Gobierno de Chile) is the set of state organs of this country of South America to which the exercise of political, administrative and executive functions corresponds, in accordance with its Constitution and its laws.

Diputació de Barcelona

Diputació de Barcelona is a local government institution that promotes the progress and well-being of the citizens of its territorial area: the Catalan region of Barcelona, 311 municipalities in a network, which represents 24% of the total area of Catalonia and 74 ,4% of the total Catalan population (more than five and a half million people). It acts directly by providing services and, above all, in cooperation with the city councils.

🎯 S-marketing strategy

Our Smarketing strategy aims to boost: income, profit, earnings and market capitalisation. To do so, it’s key to build trust and strengthen relationships with clients, so they feel inspired by your company.