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Reflection series: from passive consumers to involved prosumers

Between February and March 2019, Generalitat de Catalunya held three working group sessions with civil society agents to address different aspects related to their powers of action. These work sessions were included in a citizen participation project that had to be recorded in audiovisual formats and communicated to all citizens of Catalonia.

Alife (presentation)

Built as a social media platform, Alife allows you to meaningfully connect with family and friends by sharing the memories of someone you’ve lost.

141 Days (English version)

Full movie, English version.”141 Days” is the first independent documentary film showing politics without censorship. The film shows, for the first time, the human relationships and the most intimate interiors of a contemporary political party. The action takes place in Catalonia in 2010, when Catalan civil society decides to undertake the independence process of its country.