“No hay sueldo que pague lo que yo siento por ellos”

This Brand Movie aims to present the activity of the “CorporaciĆ³n Seguir Creciendo” of Chile to the clients of this non-profit organization, to the relatives of its workers, to its sponsors and to Chilean society. The impact of this Brand Movie in Chile was the advance sale of all the products produced by the “CorporaciĆ³n Seguir Creciendo” until then, the increase of new sponsors and the loyalty of existing patrons.

“Creo en la posibilidad de ser felices si nos proponemos esa meta”

This is a corporate presentation Brand Movie that we produced for “Renovando”, a micro company in Chile, with the aim of connecting with the brand’s potential customer. We promoted the history and values of the CEO and founder of the company, Marcelo Montiel, a media coach in Chile, a regular contributor to leading audience TV and radio programs in his country.

El Equipo (The Team)

“El Equipo” is a television docu reality series broadcast in 2014 in Chile. It shows the reintegration of Chilean prisoners through the practice and values of football.